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Your PHOTOS will IMPROVE the more you FAIL


The simple fact is that I have learnt more from my bad photos than my good ones over the years. Photographic failure is without doubt the best way to get better. In this video I share some top tips on how to make the most of your failures. And some other Q&A.


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  1. @ 0:31 well done. Dyslexics are prone to coordination problems, hence I took swimming lessons up at the age of 55. And juggling, the best way to get that coordination and muscle memory is to juggle using silk scarfs (handkerchiefs) and then add a tiny nut to them to increase the weight and speed.

  2. Many of us are afraid to fail, and want instant gratification for our efforts, but the reality of the situation is that failure is a great—and sometimes painful—teacher. The key is to learn and improve. Never ever quit.

  3. Great Q&A , and if I may ask you , what is the largest size print you made from the Fuji Xt-2 ? I have gone as far as a 24×36 using Rezise 10 from on 1, and from the high quality looks like I could have gone larger.

  4. Hi Nigel, as soon as you started talking about learning from failure I stared writing this comment because this thing about success and failure and learning and satisfaction is so fascinating, I do agree that one learns less from images that seem to be OK straight off, but the ability to learn from error is highly dependent on ones willingness to be very observant and willing to see things rather than look for things, to be self-critical without losing confidence. We seem to be living at a time when the social pressure to get things right first time, to be better than anyone else, to 'win', that any mistake or failure can only be despised, condemned, if necessary denied and concealed, this seems to me to be little short of tragic both in private and public life. I would like to think that to you I'm pretty much preaching to the converted, that you are one of the lucky ones able to enjoy learning and experience for the satisfaction that comes with getting it better, not having to get it 'right'. Cheers, Richard.

  5. I couldn't agree more with what you said about FINDING YOUR OWN STYLE Nigel. I think it's important for one to do it THEIR WAY, instead of trying to reproduce a style that already exists. With the zillions of images out there, there probably isn't a style that hasn't been tried, but the important thing is that it's a style that WE as the photographer likes. I mean; why try to reproduce a long exposure style if it's not something you're going to want to put on YOUR wall, just because it's IN !!

  6. Great video I had to watch it in two half because of my daughter wanting my attention lol love all your videos and learn so much from them looking forward to seeing the Faroe Islands 🇫🇴

  7. PPI vs DPI . I see lots of stuff equating these two, so I wonder if I’m being overly pedantic about it. PPI, to me, is what your camera “sees” and DPI is what your printer produces. Two very different things. Can you offer any clarity on this? Thanks.

  8. Great video. Thanks for the advice and tips. I love how your videos are simple. Too many photography videos on Youtube are in your face or trying to be hillarious. I love that you just speak to the viewers.

  9. Hello Nigel! I listen to a lot of photographers on YouTube and elsewhere but there is something about you that makes me feel that if I could pick one photographer to be my friend, it will be you. I really love your demeanor as well as your photography. I wish you the best and continue shooting, you are excellent. God bless.

  10. Excellent suggestion about converting image to B&W, I've never thought about doing that while out taking the photo but it makes perfect sense. How many times have we as photographers been fooled into thinking we had a good composition by the pretty colors.

  11. Well done. Your gear analysis reminds me of my armature auto racing days many many years ago. I came into the pits and complained that the car was to slow, and ask for more horsepower or better tires. A wise old pit crew guy said to me, "You need to learn to drive a slow car fast". And he was right. Bigger better cameras don't always make better pictures.

  12. Very useful – thank you.

    I was wondering how you manage the timer on your camera – Especially in terms of auto focus? Often, I find myself where I want to be in the photo. So, I'll put the camera on timer and run into position….I have a Nikon and the auto focus is not great for shots like these, especially if my background has detail. Any advice would be appreciated…or a video about tips and tricks….

  13. Great video, trail and error best way forward, the 10,000 rule certainly applies in photography. Gear does help heaps, but learning the basics before spending mega amounts of money, will improve your pictures.

    Time & patience is the key to become successful in the field / style of photography you wish to excel in.

    Get yourself a low to mid range camera from any brand, and literally burn it out taking pictures at various settings to gauge the feel / style you wish to move forward with.

    Every now & then I buy a dozen or so rolls of HP4/5 such a nice pace of composition/ lighting thinking how the shot will look.

  14. Your images are my favorite education for better landscape photography. Thank you for your thoughts about camera gear, it`s so expensive nether-less I try it further with my gear. It´s very sympathetic you told about your fail.

  15. Would you say then that for a beginner, shooting in b&w would help improve composition skills? ..I don’t mean convert in post, I’m talking set the camera to b&w mode, use live view on location and compose the shot.
    I hope I make sense 🙂
    Cheers Ant

  16. As always, I find myself having to actually watch your vlog, rather than just "skim" it, which is great!

    Print sizing really caught my attention. Because I'm not printing myself and use(d) a lab, I thought I had to offer anything and everything the lab could offer, but that just creates a confusing product. I always felt A3 was probably too small, and printing anything above A3 yourself is prohibitively expensive as a "hobbyist who likes to pretend" (and in fact, I sell so little, running an A3 photo printer is probably prohibitive which is why I've never gone there yet, hence the lab). So you saying that A3 is your go to product just rams home how overly complicated I've made things for myself, and for any prospective customer! You say keep it simple for your composition, maybe I should apply that across the board! Food for thought for me again, thanks Nigel!

  17. Nigel, this is spot on 👌 and a perfect example of Survivorship Bias. I love that you spent time to break down why the images didn't work — I learned more from that than I have from any "successful" image. My last trip in Oregon started out really awful until I sat down to analyze why it didn't work, and it paid off!

  18. Failure as teacher has been a perennial photography topic — difficult to add a new twist, but the photo comparisons help add something new. Would have liked to see the first part of the vid expanded and separated from the Q & A. There’s an old adage that “practice makes perfect” should be changed to “perfect practice makes perfect.” Too easy to keep repeating errors instead of learning from them.

  19. Great Q & A Video Nigel, thanks for all your honest and straightforward responses to the questions. I think helps everyone going back through your older photographs like you did to compare the "Then and Now" aspects of one's work; very helpful. Glad you were able to take your daughter along on your camping trip, it's great to spend one-on-one with your child showing them what you do and why you're doing it; you didn't fail to be with your daughter! Hope you're having a wonderful time at the Faroe Islands, been following on your other sites and can't wait to see more! Thank You, Take Care!

  20. Good vlog Nigel, thnx. But… i disagree with converting to b&w. I, personoly don’t think a photo is getting better! I hear it all the time: ‘it’s no good, so i wil convert it to b&w’. But… with your words: ‘it doesn’t get any better’! I mean the messy photo with the waterstream, is still messy in b&w. And i think it doesn’t get better for most cases.

  21. Nigel, another great video.! IMHO, audiences will be attracted to your channel not only for your beautiful landscape, but also they want to learn from your thought process. About print size, I think that it is also depended on the viewing distance. For example, if I view a 20×16 print at arm length, it may need 300 ppl, but if I view it on the wall from 2-3 meters, it may only need 200 ppl. It is pleasure to watch your video and I really appreciate your efforts to make it great.

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