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This videos sums up why I love landscape photography. Just when you think the weather is against you then something magical happens. The final photo I take on location in the Lake District illustrates why patience is so importance in photography.

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Full Format SLR

Main landscape camera – Nikon D810 –
Awesome telephoto lens – Nikon 70-200m f/2.8 –
Fav lens – Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 –
Best for Landscapes – Nikon 16-35mm f/4 –
A must have for tripod – Haoge L bracket for D810 –
Lightweight tripod – Benro Mach3 Carbon Fiber Tripod –
Preferred big stopper – NiSi 10 stop filter –
Lee Filters Landscape Pro Kit – (fits NISI)
Lee Polarizing filter –

Awesome Landscape Mirrorless System

Fujifilm X-T2 –
Awesome Bokeh – Fuji XF35mm F2 –
Killer wide angle lens – Fuji 10-24mm F4 –
GorillaPod – (as seen in previous videos)


Yi 4K+ action camera (AWESOME) –
Rode Lav Mic –


Matte Papers

Fotospeed NST Bright White-
Hahnemuhle Photo Rag –

Baryta (semi-gloss) Papers

Fotospeed Signature Platinum Baryta –
Canson Baryta Photographique –



  1. I discovered your videos only recently and have been gradually going through them . This one was brilliant. I love the Lake District and your photo with the rainbow was absolutely stunning. I have a Canon EOS 80D and recently bought the Canon EF 16-35mm f/4 lens for landscapes. After last weekend, I agree with you totally, about going out in what most people would describe as "bad weather". I got some amazing photos at a place called Mt Macedon, in Victoria, Australia and it was pouring down and the mountain (it's really a big hill) was shrouded in dense cloud for most of the day. While I was there the temperature was around 3 degrees celsius.

  2. Hi Nigel, I've only recently got into photography. For awhile I was just using my iPhone, then earlier this year I got an Olympus Omd em10mkiii. Found your channel recently and I'm going through them from the start. Find them very interesting, informative and inspiring me to get out more to take photos. I purchased a second hand Samyang 12mm f2.0, I was a bit worried about it being manual focus only but it is now my favorite lens for landscape.

  3. what a great vid. here in southern NJ in the US, the land is flat, and there is a lot of underbrush in the woods. So not many vistas. I use the 18-135mm kit lens that came with the used Canon t5i I bought. it has just the right range for the open space we have. I also carry a 55-250 in case i see some wildlife.

  4. Hi Nigel,

    I have picked up my photography again since long and am really enjoying it. Certainly because i need to learn a lot al over again. I have started watching your videos now in chronological order 🙂 So pretty funny to read some of the comments in the past. A bit late offcourse in anwsering your litlle quiz as well. I was actually hoping to see a message like this about landscape lenses. I did a fresh start with my gear and am looking out now to invest in a new lens… (body will follow later 🙂

    BUT to answer your question (instead with my lifestory) i currently use my kit lens EF-M (15-55mm) + adapter w/ EF-S (18-135mm) + Canon M50.

    Btw love the humor and jokes a lot. Am looking forward seeing the rest of your video's with tips and tricks. Thanks for sharing al this valuable content & experience. Grtz, Peter

  5. I love the fact that you admitted what happend to your camera lens and filter when your tripod blew over. It proves that, like the rest of us, you are only human and that these things happen. Generally our gear is pretty robust, and some will even still work when it's on it's last legs. But it's occasions like this that prove all is not quite as robust as we think. So thank you for being brave enough to share your catastrophe. Hope you soon find a replacement for your lens, and that you love the new as much as you have the old.

  6. The lens I most often use for landscapes is my Nikon 18 – 70mm f3.5 – 4.5 AF-S DX lens, reasonably good quality and I picked it up second hand on ebay for about £75. I also have a sigma 70 – 300mm that I would like to start using for long lens landscapes shots. Unfortunately I don't have the budget to get better quality glass at this point, ideally would like to have a Sigma 10-20mm f3.5 EX DC HSM which I think has great reviews

  7. May I suggest that you purchase a Brunt XS METRO black umbrella for we all know how wet the Lake District becomes. See You Tube Michael Breitung. When ready to take the image it easily clips – off to hand hold whilst you take your exposure, then replace it when finished. As I previously mentioned 3 x6" spikes shall assist stability. Regards, Allan Davies.

  8. Hello Nigel, sorry to hear of the damage to your camera, for I lost my new canon 5D3 in the sea. Anyways, I now have 3 x 6" spikes fitted to my tripod and at every opportunity, I strike them hard into the ground. If they do become dislodged it buys you a second or two longer to grab your tripod and camera. I have never regretted fitting them and it was a pro photographer Guy Edwards suggested this tip to me …

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