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Studio Light 101: Beauty dish vs Deep Silver Umbrella


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Team Credits:
Model Cathy @1st Option
Makeup and Hair: Ailbhe Lynch
RETOUCH: Veronika Morozowa

Hello Everyone!
Today I’m chatting to you about two of my favourite light modifiers- a beauty dish and an umbrella! I’m comparing them, talking about the pros and cons of each and give you some image examples! let me know which modifier is your favourite:)

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  1. All your videos are amazing! Thanks!!!
    I think, it will be great, if your viewers will send photos that they wants to see how to create them. For example, l love to see different studio lightning schemes and I would like to watch them more))))

  2. I agree at that distance, the beauty dish is very snappy, but in the set up that you have in the video, the two modifiers together would produce a less contrasty result, as the umbrella would act as your fill. It's the setup we used back in the day with a barrel light, an awesome modifier that hasn't come back…yet.

  3. When buying the light/lamp itself.. Especially for beauty photography. What are things you need to look out for? Can anyone recommend any good tutorials / advise videos on the lighting itself?:)

  4. The way you used the beauty dish on this vidéo is a complete non sens… First it is a little one. Second, for beauty you have to use it much closer from you subject. Putting the beauty dish at the same distance as the umbrella means that you compare two lighting sources with radical diameter difference… Then it is normal that you have harder high lights and shadows on the beauty dish…

  5. If you think about it, a beauty dish and an umbrella are basically the same thing… The nice thing about the beauty dish is that you can position it very close, this gives you different falloff characteristics due to the inverse square law. Umbrellas are not as precise but are bigger which makes them easy to use in more situations.

  6. The Beauty Dish was designed to be a headshot modifier that could be used in a limited space for consistent results by providing a full face wrap. To wrap light around the face means using it very close, within 1.5 x the dish diameter or closer. The hole in the center is to shoot through so the wrap is in all angles. It should be used on a parallel plane with the face. If one is doing a lot of head shots or comparison shots for makeup examples the Beauty Dish is the easiest way to get consistent shadowless faces. It is also effective in jewelry or other product images due to the shadowless wrap of light around a smaller object that would normally have hotspots. A very different look will be seen if the Dish is used as intended, you might like it. It is a great tool for some jobs but does not do everything, so it is not a do-everything-well modifier. The big umbrella is very nice when there is a controlled background, a white seamless for example but where the light spill needs to be controlled, softboxes, gridded spots, strip boxes, or other constrained pattern sources are the answer. The big umbrella requires a lot of space and some ceiling hight but has a very nice quality of light. A smaller umbrella can be used a lot closer to the subject to get light fall off according to the Inverse Square Law if the background needs to be less exposed

  7. I noticed that many are suggesting that you are using the BD incorrectly … why not do a video comparison showing the difference between the way were using the BD and the results the way many commentors are suggesting that it should be used

  8. You aren’t using the beauty dish correctly. It shouldn’t be so far away. It should be very close to the subject, not as far as you have it. Of course if you use it at the same distance as the umbrella, it’s going to be MUCH harder since it’s so much smaller. But for real beauty it should be within arms reach from the model’s face. D

  9. Wow, I came to see the model, but I liked you more Anita. 😊
    But really the orange dot in Cathy's left eye is so unique. She must be the only one in the world like that. If I meet her I will keep her forever. 🤗

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