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Photography – NEWS – Tutorials

Start taking BETTER photos TODAY! Composition in Photography


Composition is KEY when it comes to photography. It can make, or break a photo. Learn 3 techniques to make your photos better today!
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  1. If you really want to learn about composition study great films frame by frame and listen to interviews with passionate filmmakers such as scorsese. Youll never hear him talk about the opening credits to Raging Bull and say, "look at the negative space i gave deniro" or "look how i used to ring to create leading lines" etc. Filmmakers talk about emotional impact and thats what its all about.

  2. I wish there were videos like this but for storm chasers…I can't really get above my subject, my subject controls the light, doesn't behave, and moves in weird directions. Oh and also likes to be out in the middle of bumblefuck, USA and there aren't any things to frame it with, except maybe power lines

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