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After the 7 secrets to sharp photos I got a lot of questions. Today I share my 3 things you NEED to check if you don’t have sharp photos. Take sharp photos tutorial. Taking better sharper photos in street photography or portrait photography. I will explain what you need to check: autofocus, shutter speed, focus modes on camera that I use. Enjoy & happy shooting!
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  1. Goooood Morning from NYC!!! Super short episode! Let me know if you feel that your images are not sharp! What do you struggle with?!
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  2. I agree with all those steps however i went from using a d3300 + 35mm f1.8g to a6300 + sigma 30mm f1.4 and what i noticed is that the 2nd combo is just not as crispy sharp as the 1st one using minimal in camera sharpening (various apertures tested). So i went into research and i found out that there's a miss calibration issue about mirrorless so brace yourself about that!

    P.S. i always use fast ss with DMF + focus magnification feature

  3. Look up a depth of field calculator. Even at f4, the depth of field is tiny with all but the widest lenses. You get to f5:6 and there is a massive jump. You need to try and get there unless absolutely impossible.
    Also, I used to be afraid of higher iso numbers. A hangover from the early days of digital photography. These days cameras are far better at high iso. I’d rather have some noise or graininess than miss the shot. I’ll quite happily shoot at 3200 or 6400 now if I think it’ll help make the shot.

  4. Another great simple to follow video mate. I used to struggle with the shutter speed when I first started with photography, it felt like it took me ages to get it right. Enjoy NYC, need to get back there it's such a great place to shoot in.

  5. I am guilty of thinking my hands are steadier than they they actually are, Thinking 1/15th of a second is fine at 200mm when it should really be at 1/200th or more. Cranking up the ISO is probably the answer, a bit of extra grain is a lot better than camera shake! Another thing to remember is to take off the polarizing filter at night …. Doh!

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