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HOW TO POSE People Who Are Not Models



In today’s video I was joined by the amazing fellow photographer Irene Rudnyk. She was kind enough to help me create this video, where I give you my top tips on How To pose People who are not models. I talk about how to make your subject more comfortable, how to make them look taller and what techniques to use when taking photos. hope you like!

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  1. I love how she kind of motivates the model whenever she gets the right pose. She's always like : "beautiful. yes. amazing. "
    I love that cause it really gives confidence to the model

  2. Very interesting you referencing using the 28mm. I used a 28mm for a fashion and studio strobe course I took. My teacher was surprised when I told her I used a 28mm. The studio space/strobe area was quite small as we were partitioned. Thank you for mentioning. My use of the 28mm was partly intuitive, partly practical.

  3. -Play with the fabric

    -Dont stand straight

    -Exagerate the waist

    -Tip of the toes

    -Low down for small people

    -Separate Limbs (Open arms, hand hips…)

    -dont squish the limbs

    -Sitting is easier for the model/but harder to the photo

    -Sit on the side (dramatic)

    -chin up (body open)

    -different positions

    -Push Chin Out

    -Move the head – Up, tilt, side

    -Head down – eye contact


    -Lean against something

    -Acessorize or play with the hair

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