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Photography – NEWS – Tutorials

7 Secrets To Get SHARP Photos For The Rest Of Your LIFE!


7 Photography Tips to take better photos, sharp photos and how to focus on your camera. Today I share my 7 secrets for taking better sharper photos in street photography or portrait photography. I will dive into the different focus modes on camera that I use and will give you some photography tips on how to use autofocus and manual focus the best way. Enjoy!
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  1. God bless all your souls for marvellous eternal life! there will never be a end! set for eternal life! may all your families have a eternal God loving relationship! Amen <3 🙂

  2. I shoot Sony also on an A99II, DMF, single focus point with back button focus. For non-moving subjects and some portraits I use manual focus with focus zoom. Sometimes I use color peaking with the DMF because my vision is not good.

  3. Hi very interesting. I also interested to know how you manage your aperture when shooting, I mean how you decide how open or close must be your lens. Don’t know if you already did a video about it. Thxs

  4. I like the backgrounds you've picked. Place Vendôme is one of the safest spot to practice photography day and night without the gypsies attacking from all sides. The high end shops are great to visit and the securities are all over this place. Snotty people are also planety around here. Hahahaaa

  5. The best GURU on the internet right now. I doubt I have missed any of your videos. Came across you a week back and since then binge-watching your videos. The flow of your videos and the delivery of content is just 10/10.

  6. So why than the most expensive most amazing Leica noctilux lenses are manual focus only??? There’s definitely something unique about the Leica system. I’m currently using a 5D mark4 with the one and only ef 50 mm F/1.2 L usm and i still get a lot of missed focus shots @ f1.2 with all the tips considering. However using live view shooting @ f1.2 autofocus I get very sharp shots all the time. Also tried auto focus micro adjusting. Pls help

  7. You were saying that with this video you get sharp photos for the rest of you life. However, there are much more tricks to get sharp photos. I have seven more for you: 1) Focus on the eyes, not on the nose or body. 2) Set the shutter speed not too low, to avoid camera shaking; secondly, a moving object will not be sharp either. 2) Use a camera with IBIS or lens with OIS. 3) Invest in a good lens; a good quality lens is as important as a camera; a prime lens is often sharper than a zoom lens. 4) Set the ISO as low as possible. 5) It is easier to get sharp photos when there is enough day light. 6) Use the Aperture in the middle of the range and look up what is the sharpest range for the lens you are using. 7) Avoid to use filters on your lens, especially cheap filters.

  8. I just came across this video, and I have been searching for MONTHS on some real tips on how to keep my photos sharp because I always struggle with blurred movement. This is the FIRST video where I felt like you explained it so well that I can then use to practice. THANK YOU!

  9. After using my Nikon for 4 years on auto and not being 100% happy with the focus my photos are now transformed by using shutter speeds of over 1/1000 sec when there is sunlight, or try the SPORT mode for a while on any subject 😄

  10. j'ai même pas besoin de finir la vidéo pour commenter , je te remercie , j'avais beaucoup de problème de focus du au fait que je ne connaissais pas assez mon appareil tu m'en a appris beaucoup et je t'en remercie

  11. hello, I follow your videos and photos for a long time, and I wanted to give you the most sincere congratulations for the style you have adopted in every single photo. I wanted to ask you which tripod you use and what plate you use. thanks and congratulations again

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