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Must know street photography tips for taking better photos!
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  1. Personal opinion after shooting street portraiture for 5 years. I started with a selection of prime lenses. Then finally got a zoom lens. Never going back. Don't start with a zoom lens. Start with Primes like it says in the video. It will force you to move, think about your composition more, which perspectives/angles/views make the most sense to you & why, THEN you can get a zoom lens and start applying those reflexes & thought processes with the ease of effortlessly switching focal lengths. Don't worry about bokeh or blurry backgrounds. Just carry a f/1.4 lens or telephoto lens with you if you feel you'll need those effects at some point. I always carry 24-70mm AND a 50mm 1.4 cuz you never know. Never leaving zoom now.

  2. Thanks for theses videos, they are a real eye opener. I was bitten by the photography bug about Seven months ago and got my first serious camera…a Nikon D3500. After doing a short photography workshop now hate being anywhere without it. So I got myself a second hand Sony RX100 and it’s always with me, I love it. I would love to see a street photography video using something similar. Thanks again for the videos, they are a bit addictive.

  3. Thank you so much! It’s such a really motivated video and keep doing! Just has a quick question that the lady was in you shoot and you shot her front face at same time you post the video on the YouTube, like the case do we need to get her permission to post her online without saying “Copyright issue”? ?

  4. Pierre:
    Your shooting in the LAKE EFFECT micro climate , in Chicago or Mid Western Northern area. Lake effect creates Gales that rip ships apart. The 2" of ICE atop snow 1974 ( Central Michigan ) and Tordadoes that rip barns and houses off their foundations. Lake Effect…

  5. Aw hell, he said the "C" word…

    I agree totally, with one consideration. Your camera must have high enough resolution to maintain a good size after cropping. If you start with 10mp and crop half out, your file size will be crap for larger prints. However, if you're shooting 30mp and crop, you're still going to have a good file size for good size prints.

    That said, try to compose as close as you can in camera to minimize the loss by cropping.

    That leads itself to one of the main considerations for the a7iii vs a7riii debate, being the a7riii with the 42mp resolution provides PLENTY of room to crop, but at the cost of higher storage space requirements and slower post processing, while the 24mp of the a7iii yields a great large image, less storage requirement, and faster post processing, but with less room to crop.

    In the end, if you compose it close in camera, loss should be a minimum anyway.

  6. It's fun trying to shoot stuff in different weather! Great advice! 😀 I even like taking pictures of flowers on cloudy days…something interesting about the colours! Also…I can't not crop my pictures…so many ways to compose them! Hmmm…Christmas pics would be awesome, like pictures of Christmas lights at night. 😀

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